Mysterious Things Caught On Camera In Church (2023)


12 Weird and Unexplainable things that happen in churches!
Churches are sacred places and those who go to church are looking for God, peace and comfort. And you know guys, some churches are straight up mysterious, a lot of supernatural stuff happen there all the time. Videos you’re about to see will show you things you never expect to see in a church. You will see a lot of strange things that are hard to explain.

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Hi! Churches are sacred places and those who go to church are looking for God, peace and comfort.


You know, guys, some churches are straight up.

Mysterious, a lot of supernatural stuff happen there.

All the time.

Videos you’re about to see will show you things.

You never expect to see in a church.

You will see a lot of strange things that are hard to explain.


Marriage is a kind of event where you see uninvited guests.

All the time.

We’re all used to that.


What, if it’s, not just some random person but a really weird-looking someone.


This guy was not invited and whothe hell comes to a wedding dressed like that? Lookathishead., Whereishisjaw? Seems, like itjustdisappearedsomehow.

Nobody, knows who this man was and how come? No one sees him.

Walking? Feels like a cheap, green screen, trick to be honest, but in this day and age you just never know.


In May 2018 near one of the Catholic churches of Massachusetts.

Some man took a video of a really strange and somewhat scary-looking woman.

She wore a dress, had black hair and was acting in the most bizarre fashion.

I mean this is the type of stuff they do in circuses.She climbs that pillar like it’s, the kind of stuff she does all the time.

Look at that guys, such strength, such vigor.

Right up that thing.

This video got viewed many times.





It was all staged and somebody wanted this video to go.


3., For, many religious communities.

Locust invasion is a precursor of something really bad.


Look what happened in one of the churches in Peru.

We see thousands of these little creatures in a little church.

The church is full of them and it feels like they all liking it there in that little church., It’s, obviously real, and so the question is: why is it that they hang out in that particular church? Also,? Why those people seem like they don’t care about it at all? Are they used to this? What’s the story.

There? What.

Do you think guys? 4.

ThisvideowasuploadedonYouTube in March, 2015.

It happened in one of the Cathedrals in UK.

This is pretty interesting.


The video begins with a sequence where we see the beautiful building at night.


Then something unusual, happens.

There appears to be something behind that pillar.

As, the camera moves closer.

We can finally see that it’s, probably someone’s face.

The man comes closer, and now we can see more clearly that it is in fact something that moves, because the next moment it hides behind the pillar.

So no one could see it.


Do you guys think about that? Is it some kind of ghost?, 5., A lot of people believe that the famous blinking Jesus video is for real.

It happened in a chapel in Mexico.

Although many people thought it was a video montage.

There were also those who thought this was some kind of optical illusion.

The description says the video was shot in June 2016.

The man who shot the video didn’t want to be named.


He said that he didn’t notice anything when it happened.


When he watched the video he saw that the statue of Jesus had opened it’s eyes.

Over 20 experts were asked to examine the video.

Sculptors, priests, designers and FX animators were all trying to crack the mystery.


They all seemed to agree that the footage looks extremely convincing.

The priests, however, said they didn’t want to say anything about the video.

They didn’t even want to watch it, since they know for sure that God exists and anything is possible.


Next we have an icon of virgin Mary.

This video was shot in 2015 in a church in Australia.

Two ladies noticed something that really boggled their minds.


You look closely you’ll see that the mother of Jesus appear to be praying.

We can clearly see her lips moving.

It’s, interesting because it was shot on two cameras.


The video was uploaded on Facebook.

It was viewed over a million times.


Two, ladies, were shocked to see what they thought was a genuine miracle., A lot of people say it isn’t real and that it’s just shaky camera movements make it seem like the icon is talking.


We should agree, it does look.

Quite convincing.

This could easily have been a miracle.


Have, a look at this.

It’s, a massive wooden door with a kind of opening in the middle.

Wonder what’s behind the door.

There must be a reason why it’s so big and heavy.


It leads to some secret passage, or maybe there is someone or something spooky behind the door.

Look closer, and you will see there’s some kind of silhouette in that hole.

Kind of looks like someone’s face., Although many people say it’s, just a camera.


Looks spooky, like it’s some kind of monster, even.

Butthenwhatamonsterdoinginachurch? Church, is no place for demonic, creatures.Ihavenoideaguys.

It couldbeanything.

8., Thisvideowasrecordedaround, 4:30, AM., Usually, there’s, no one in the church at this time of day.

Churches are usually closed.

This early.


So this is when a ghost kid came into picture.

At list that’s what the majority of people think.

Look, how the boy walks and then all of a sudden he just disappears.


This was just some kid.

Then how come he dissolved in the air like that?, Maybe, it’s, a camera issue.

But, then I wonder what this little kid is doing there so early, without parents.

It’s, just too strange.

Unless that kid lives there, which isn’t very probable.



We have a video footage shot by a man who was making a documentary about some cathedral in Poland.

The video begins with a man entering the mysterious place.

He, then approaches some kind of booth, looks at it for some time and then goes to another booth, and this is when we see some really menacing-looking, reflection.

The figure seems pale, vague and has dark sunken eyes.

At this moment it feels like it could be some kind of object.

Like, a tripod that holds the camera.


Then, when we see him approach, the third booth, we see yet another ghostly, silhouette.

The thing looks like it’s screaming, pleading for help.


It be that the church is full of ghosts? Or.

Is this some kind of trick? Maybe? Those are just figments of our imagination.

Either way, I, wonder why the church stuff looks so spooky, it don’t supposed to be this way.



This short video shows a strange little creature.


It could be an angel or a demon.

But, since this is a church, let’s assume that’s an angel.

It appears and then disappears very quickly.


This one comes from Santa Ana church in Tepetitlan, Mexico.

The statue of Jesus Christ, you see in this video is 300 years.


Andguesswhat, itmoved., LookatHishead.

Many, locals thought.

This was a legitimate miracle.

According to one of the church.

Ladies, Jesus was trying to say something.

Local priest was a bit skeptical about what happened.


He said that the ropes on which the statue was hung got loosened.


That made people think that the church got visited by the God.

Either way.

It looks quite convincing.



So, lastly, we have a photo on which we can see some kind of creature.

In the back of the room.

It appeared online in back in 2018., The figure appears to be some kind of demon.

According to the people who saw it live it used to come to church.

Quite often., The weirdest part is that while most people saw it, the pastor never noticed it.

As the demon started to appear more often, people prayed more and more to make it go away.

And, so eventually it disappeared and never came back.


You guys know anything about this demon? I’m, so confused! Well.

Thanks for watching this video guys! Press the like button.

If you enjoyed watching it.

Do, you guys think this was for real? Tell me about it and I’ll see you in the next video!.

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